There's only one word for this solo show of paper-cuttings: Wow!By Olivia Flores Alvarez Thursday, Apr 29 2010    “Houston Press”   Most of us can't cut out coupons without something going wrong. But in the case of Swiss artist Catherine Winkler Rayroud, something goes very, very right every time she picks up a pair of scissors. Her solo show at Archway Gallery, "Cutting Edge: Work by Catherine Winkler Rayroud," shows the elaborate, intricate works she produces with just a tiny pair of nail scissors and a single piece of paper. Each highly wrought narrative work can take Rayroud up to three months to complete. Rayroud will also show a collection of her ceramic works, which were decorated with paper-cuttings before they were fired.
“Cutting Edge: Work by Catherine Winkler Rayroud Archway Gallery May 2010

To Left: Clark Kellogg with Garden Bench; Bottom Right: Catherine Winkler Rayroud with Mama Never Told Me; Top Right: Eskimo Kisser #3 by Gary Schott
In December 2010 the Flammarion-Beaubourg Library in Paris, France, made its window with the Books from Jean-Charles Trebbi and photos of the artists published in the book. Catherine hands cutting a papercutting were on display.  

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The third award-of-merit winner was Catherine Winkler Rayroud for her paper-cut piece, Mama Never Told Me.
“L'Art du pli” et “L'Art de la découpe” en vitrine à Beaubourg – Paris France L'Art du pli et L'Art de la découpe, les deux ouvrages de Jean-Charles Trebbi, offrent à la Librairie Flammarion-Beaubourg l'occasion d'une superbe vitrine visible du 10 décembre 2010 au 4 janvier 2011. Plusieurs artistes présents dans ces deux ouvrages ont été sollicités pour la réaliser : Catherine Ursin (“Les femmes rouges”), Jean-Paul Moscovino (“sculpture bleue”), Brig Laugier (“Livre plié”), Catherine Carton (“Miroir dentelé”), Véronique Wardega ( bijoux en origami, Petits Plis, "Couronnes de grues”), Lebadang  (“Grandes découpes”, suspendues près du comptoir d’accueil), Arzu Firuz (tapis circulaire rouge, également près de l'accueil) et Jean-Charles Trebbi (sculpture et livre d’artiste “Penseurs de ville”). Les affiches sont de Denis Couchaux, celle de gauche : projet d'architecture du studio Londonien Heatherwick Studio ; celle de droite; papiers découpés de Catherine Winkler Rayroud, Houston, États-Unis.

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Catherine Winkler Rayroud

The Philadelphia Inquirer – Friday December 17, 2010 “Many Small Masterpieces amid contemporary Crafts” Wayne Art Center's juried show of works worldwide: By Victoria Donohoe.
Wayne Art Center's long term commitment to continually improving its yearly juried international show of contemporary craft has paid off. "Craft Forms 2010" the 16th edition, is stunningly contemporary and filled with small masterpieces. The obvious energy of the younger artists strikes a hopeful note. Jane C. Milosch, of the Smithsonian Institution's office of under-secretary for history, art, and culture, culled 911 entries and chose 95 works by 90 artists from 31 states, as well as Australia and South Korea. The states most represented are Pennsylvania, New York, California, Ohio, Texas, The Carolinas, and Colorado...Immediately interesting is Sandblasted Artifact by wood-turner/sculpture Michael Brolly of Bethlehem, an artist of genuine vision...This awesome piece, together with one by Richmond Texas, artist Catherine Winkler Rayroud, I consider the shows prizewinning keystones.  Rayroud's Capitalism at Work is a stunning, detailed, and ornate cut-paper image that salutes the American way of business. Such work-intensive handcraft, familiar to this Texan from her native Switzerland, is enjoying a popular resurgence of interest in the United States. 
002 Magazine Houston, December2010 issue. Skyline by Catherine Winkler Rayroud for the article about silhouette Artist Cindi Rose (

Artist Profile in the Israeli Paper-cutting magazine, Article written by Naomi Shapira, 2018

October 8, 2010 Want to Know More About the Award-of-Merit Winners from CraftTexas 2010?  We do! So, we took some time to talk with the three award winners and wanted to share a little more about the pieces that won.

Opening Reception of CraftForms2010 with artists on left and Juror Jane Milosch in the middle with the hat.

Mama Never Told Me
by Catherine Winkler Rayroud
photo courtesy the artist
What narrative are you creating in the imagery in your piece "Mama Never Told Me!" This piece is very personal and illustrates the examples I was given about a woman’s place in society while growing up in Switzerland. There were certain things my Mother would say but do differently. For instance she would say a woman shouldn’t study because she won’t find a husband, but then I saw how she would write books in her spare time and be unhappy that she couldn’t find more time for these activities. This piece documents the personal journey I went through as a girl becoming an adult and the awakening I had after coming to the United States ten years ago. I often wonder what would be different if I would have been able to grow up here, would things have been different? For those who aren’t familiar with paper-cutting, can you explain the process?  All of the paper-cuts are done from one sheet of paper with nail scissors and sometimes an exacto-knife. In this piece, I only used nail scissors. Initially I fold the sheet in half to cut the symmetrical images. Then I unfold the paper to cut the asymmetrical images, the difference in the mirror images is meant to be playful, the viewer can try and find the differences.