Catherine Winkler Rayroud


For the past 38 years, Catherine has been practicing the aged art of papercutting (Scherenschnitt), which was imbued in her while growing up in her native country of Switzerland. In 2000, she moved to Texas with her husband, where she lived and worked for 20 years, but her heart always stayed in Europe and in 2020, missing her roots deeply, she moved back to the old continent (with her husband and her husky dog Jenna).

Catherine started painting in 1975 and made her first papercutting in 1980. In 1983 she received her Baccalaureate from the College of Gambach in Fribourg, Switzerland, before moving to London where she studied Ceramics at the Putney School of Art. Her passion for Ceramics led her to spend many years perfecting her knowledge in Greece, England and Switzerland. She opened her first ceramic studio in Switzerland in 1986. In 1999 Catherine graduated as a Ceramicist from the School for Applied Arts in Bern. She has been a full-time artist since 1987 and has also devoted many years to teaching ceramics. After sustaining a severe back injury in 2003, she quit ceramics in 2009 and since then has been working full time as a papercutter. Catherine still paints on the side.

Catherine's work has been extensively exhibited in solo, group and Juried exhibitions in America, Europe and Korea and she has won many prizes and awards. Her work was also published in several magazines, books and newspapers and was featured in the New York Time Magazine. Her keen interest for the history of papercutting has led her to frequently write articles on the subject, that have been published in different papercutting magazines. She is also the author of the "Little Rescue Book for Women in Crisis - A Woman's Journey" Published by Dog Ear Publishing in 2015 (the book is now out of print). 

papercutting   SCHERENSCHNITT