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Papercuttings / Scherenschnitte

papercutting   SCHERENSCHNITT

I feel deeply about women's issues, politics and the environment and when something touches my soul I cannot stop thinking about it. Initially the papercutting lives in my mind and several weeks may pass before I am able to translate those thoughts into a drawing. Each papercutting is created out of a single sheet of paper, and it is not unusual for me to spend several months on a single papercutting. I love the fact that I can use a medium which has been around for centuries, to express contemporary issues. In our digital society, where speed drives our daily routine, the slow process of papercutting and the basic tools needed to produce my work, give me a sense that I can step aside for a while, disconnect entirely and become a silent witness of our restless and mad world. 

Catherine Winkler Rayroud